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Company Information:

Management Inc. is a next generation and fully integrated marketing communications firm. Our core initiative is to provide the heavy lifting for project, technology and marketing campaign management on behalf of our clients.

We deploy digital intelligence seeded throughout our multi-channel platforms we implement innovative marketing strategies backed by the latest technology into creative, custom solutions for our client’s campaigns and growth.

Our team is comprised of online and offline marketers, IT and data managers, vertical specific engineers and customer service experts.

Our Management is focused to improve your:









Call Centers



Call Routing


Within our team of execution specialists we create an intimate relationship with our clients to transform ideas into actionable marketing strategies. Our office is in Southern California, but we work with small and large companies and agencies Nationwide.

We’re obsessed with smart technology that delivers a compelling and user friendly platform to reach your consumers. We engage our digital strategies to present viable pathways for customers to market and grow their business online.

We understand what drives visitors to click, what makes brands sticky to deliver a fresh approach, with ultra-quality products that will grow and market your business through our online platforms


Customer Acquisition

Multi-Channel Marketing Platforms

Data Management

Call Center Management

Project Management

Affiliate Program Management


As a technology company we spend time, money and resources on research & development to perfect our B2B products and services. You can rely on that perfection to deliver when you commit your resources with us. With your campaign success riding on good results, we provide you with multiple platforms that make marketing to and reaching your customers with a focused and managed approach seem like an internal process.

Management Inc. works with new and veteran technology companies and implements a holistic marketing strategy that includes multiple artificial intelligence to traditional methods to generate and nurture ideal client leads.

Our past, present, and future:

Management Inc. is a next generation and fully integrated marketing communications firm. Rooted in Data Aggregation, Appending, and Marketing we have developed a unique perspective and programmatic approach to maximize marketing spends. Time being relative, we are focused on merging data with technology to do amazing things in real time. Our diligent management, measures, predicts and iterates to enhance our customer experience. Our multi-channel strategies turn data into customers and marketing departments into profit centers.

Campaign Management

Marketing Platforms
Data and Lead Sourcing
Project Management
Managing Your Universe

As big picture thinkers, we share your vision of the future and industry. Managing your campaigns by blending the right data, technology and creativity.

When it comes to implementing marketing technology solutions our process is robust yet flexible – key to our success is us working the way you need, not you changing to fit in with us.


Our process will improve the quality of sales and marketing conversations with predictive and actionable intelligence. This enables efficiencies and moreover pulls through for your sales team.

Our data is gathered and updated through our proprietary combination of technology, tools, and integrations and then human-verified by our research team before publishing. Additionally, our researchers can uncover buying signals and scoops on finance buyers that aren’t found through simple web-scraping. That means we do the work for you, and you don’t have to spend time digging around looking for data. No other data provider delivers the same combination of technology + human-verification, the same level of accuracy, and the same kind of growth acceleration results for customers.

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Management, Inc. is a fully integrated marketing management firm that possesses 12 years of marketing campaign expertise. We translate your goals by implementing innovative marketing strategies and data driven technology into creative and dynamic campaigns that we manage to insure your business’ growth. We take your campaigns success seriously and manage your marketing needs for you so you can manage your business and customers..

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