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We are comprised of an ensemble of corporate advertisers, marketers and technology experts who combined kick a- – in managing and delivering successful and impactful campaigns.

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Management Inc. is an experienced and passionate group of designers, developers, project managers  writers and artists.

Alex Hodge


Jason Derichsweiler

Fulfillment Account Manager

Patrick Grom

Fulfillment Manager

Christine Janklow


Christine has a foundation of developing and operating numerous financial services business in the debt, tax and marketing services industries. She shares her many years of expertise in marketing, planning, managing and handling adversity to help our clients create winning campaigns and businesses.

Christine is a published author, marketer and corporate manager. Her expertise is based on over 25 years of helping high profile corporations create winning campaigns and marketing projects that increase their sales, brands and customer base. Creating successful campaigns for leading national companies has helped her adapt the “best practices” and scale them for small businesses to utilize and thrive from. She is always ready to extend her professionalism and take on the heavy lifting to help our clients succeed!

Patrick offers our clients hands on campaign implementation and lead generation tracking. Managing our data and call center resources, ensuring accurate and timely delivery.

Manages contact flow, tracking and reporting as well as system integration. Jason’s years of experience in debt, student and tax verticals among others provides our clients competent and sensitive responsive oversight.

A prodigy in IT and systems integration, Alex keeps the data flowing and the results coming – period.

Our team provides a consultative approach based on your unique business model then develops and delivers actionable campaign deliverables for our clients.

Engaging with Management, Inc. means your goals are always assessed and handled by industry experts with hands-on experience and fact-based knowledge of the evolving marketing landscape — digital, social, programmatic, mobile, print and video. We partner with our clients to uncover challenges and develop data-driven solutions based on their specific needs and objectives. This level of industry expertise enables an accurate interpretation of the intelligence we produce for our clients, providing actionable solutions at a senior management level.

Further, we work cooperatively using your own data or providing you with fresh resources to amplify your campaigns and volume. Always carefully curated to deliver the best possible results.

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